New Year, New Studio, New Possibilities

Senior to Perform at Local Festival

Senior Genevie Long has many goals for her future, including gaining more recognition for dance and becoming known nationwide. With the combination of having a supportive studio and instructor, her goals are one step closer to becoming a reality.

Genevie Long, Courtesy of Angelie Alingod

Long is a part of WeTried Productions and will perform with them at the San Antonio Asian New Year Festival this Saturday at Rolling Oaks Mall.

“I’m extremely excited and very grateful, with my other dance team [Kosmic]. We didn’t do as many collective performances, but with WeTried, we’ve been filming, dancing to mixes and other performances and I’m pretty sure the Asian New Year Festival has an extremely welcoming crowd,” Long said.

WeTried Productions is a local dance group and production team that creates cover music videos and performs live at events that they are invited to.

“My primary reason for WeTried is to create a creative outlet for people who have dreams or want to be apart of a field like this,” Angelie Alingod, CEO of WeTried Productions, said.  “For people who genuinely enjoy and appreciate the field and wish to learn and be apart of something. I wanted to create something, a place where people can release any tension from everyday life and let their creativity and abilities run wild.”

Alingod envisioned WeTried Productions [WTP] for a long time, and after long thought and consideration, she finally decided to create it.

She said, “My biggest goals for my dancers is to be invited or be given the opportunity to perform at places all around the world or be asked to choreograph and do dance workshops/classes. For the production crew, I hope the same thing, but for videography and editing! As a whole, I hope to get our own dance studio/WTP building.”

Although Long is now part of WTP, in the past, she worked with a different dance group titled Kosmic.

“Now that I’ve grown older I felt it was better to move on,” Long said.

And with the motivation of finding new opportunities, she signed up to audition for WTP with high hopes.

“I first saw her at a KpopNite and she was just one of those people you can’t help but notice,” Alingod said.

After leaving a good impression on Alingod, Long made it into the dance group and hasn’t looked back since.

WeTried “STEREOTYPE” Dance Cover Group Photo, Courtesy of Angelie Alingod

Not only does Long participate in dance outside of school, but this school year she decided to join Taft’s principles of dance class as well.

“I enjoy [Principles of Dance] because I can expand my knowledge in dance and find where my strengths or weaknesses are with different styles of dance,” Long said.

While she took this class to help improve her own dancing style, she didn’t just stop there.

“Genevie is definitely someone who brings in light and energy to the studio; with her vast knowledge of dance and her amazing skills,” senior James Cazares, Long’s Principles of Dance classmate, said. “She is definitely one of my favorite dancers to work with. She is very helpful and compassionate when it comes to teaching specific techniques, and will go out of her way to make sure you are dancing to the best of your ability just like herself.” 

Principles of Dance I-IV Winter Showcase Performance Group Photo.                                Courtesy  of Kimberly Cook [Taft Dance Teacher]

Although Long had only been a part of this production for a few months, she has been a part of numerous projects, including her debut music cover video that came out this Friday.

“My favorite dance [with WeTried] is “Zoo” by SM Town because it really fit my style and freestyling is fun,” Long said.

Through dance, Long expresses who she is as a person. 

“When dancing, she’s this confident and dominating woman,” Alingod said. And then you hear her talk and she’s just this bubbly bundle of joy!” 

For more information about the festival visit the Rolling Oaks Mall Events website.