“Sing 2” Film Review: Animated Sequel Uses Popular Songs and Choreography Again to Carry Film

Rachel Setlik, Class of 2023, Co-Editor in Chief

“Sing 2,” directed by Garth Jennings, director of “Sing,” “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” and more, is a unique representation of the arts industry through the animal kingdom.  Released in theaters on Dec. 22, 2021 and produced by Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy, “Sing 2” has catered to the likes of all ages with light comedy and a catchy animalistic soundtrack. This PG animated film produced by Illumination and distributed by Universal Pictures, is the sequel to “Sing,” and finds Buster Moon and his group thrust on a larger stage than their community theater.

This movie was both visually appealing and auditorily harmonious. Watching singing and dancing animals has never been so sparkly. These animals wore glitter tracksuits and loud costumes while exploring the stage and spotlight. Although “Sing 2” seems like it would only captivate young viewers, the jokes made could make anyone laugh. Jenning’s production of “Sing 2” captured all of the humor and stylish takes of true friendship and perseverance. However, not all of the aspects of the movie went hand in hand. For example, it didn’t appear to take much effort to get Clay Calloway back into the spotlight after his beloved wife had passed away.

Originally, Buster Moon, who had also been a key character in “Sing,” had been making his debut. He was as successful as ever and all of the seats of his theater were filled. He was hoping to fulfill his dreams of reaching the big billboards, but his hopes crumbled when an agent left halfway through the performance. Throughout the movie, Moon tries to make up for what others might deem as his first major failure. With a lot of conviction, Moon and his closest superstar wannabe friends figure out how to face their fears and take the stage.

It was apparent that a lot of thought went into the outfits of the characters. Similar to how many current music artists take part in bold fashion trends, the characters embodied this. The beloved casts’ outfits would switch from an Alice in Wonderland theme all the way to eye-catching pop star attire. The movie also utilized a very colorful and detailed set in order to achieve the realism of each piece. 

At the very beginning of the movie, we are automatically introduced to a packed theatre, which was used in order to show how successful Moon was before his dreams were quickly shattered. The intense detail put into each scene helped to keep the audience interested and poring over to consume every detail. Although it was evident that a lot of work went into the movie, the plot was very chaotic with new twists and turns being introduced in each scene. 

All of the sparkles, singing, and choreography could keep anyone interested. “Sing 2,” a movie filled with prominent celebrities and popular songs, is truly a movie with the ability to keep anyone captivated.


“Sing 2” is currently in theaters and available for rent on streaming services.