From Boy Bands to Babies

The Top Five Super Bowl Commercials of All Time


To commemorate the Super Bowl LVI [56] 2022, featuring the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, we decided to look back at previous Super Bowl commercials and share  our top five favorites.

  1. Terry Tate: Office Linebacker

This Reebok commercial incorporated the experience of playing football and put it into an office setting, grabbing the audience’s attention with radical stunts. The scenario, along with the overall comedic acting used, made this commercial one of our favorites.

  1. One Direction & Drew Brees – Pepsi Commercial

In an all time classic commercial, Pepsi brought together the famous boyband, One Direction, and past National Football League [NFL] quarterback, Drew Brees, to create a fun-filled 30 second advertisement. Being that One Direction and Brees were in the prime of their careers, having them compare accomplishments in order to decide who gets the last Pepsi made for a hilarious commercial. 

  1. Doritos Time Machine – Crash the Super Bowl 2014

Using a $300 budget and wedding videographer experience, Ryan Thomas Anderson created this commercial with two actors and his son in the span of six hours at his parent’s house. After he entered it into the past annual “Doritos ‘Crashing the Super Bowl’ Contest,’’ Anderson won and therefore earned the highly fought for Doritos commercial spot for Super Bowl XLVIII. For that reason, and the fact that the entry itself used witty antics to catch the viewers attention towards the Doritos brand, we feel this commercial earned a spot onto our list as well.

  1. Coca-Cola – Brotherly Love [2016]

This commercial discussed the variability of brotherhood while using Coca-Cola to bring the two brothers together. Due to this commercial tugging at the heartstrings of viewers by using powerful storytelling, while also allowing us to understand the overall theme of sibling love, is why we chose this commercial to be rated highly on our list.


  1. Planters: Baby Nut (2020)

Last but not least, the Planters: Baby Nut commercial, we feel, was a satisfying sequel to the Planters brand’s previous commercial due the revival of Mr. Peanut, as well as the hilariously creative cameos it included. Along with working people’s sudden fascination with animated inhuman babies, like Baby Nut, in an attempt to become a trend, are precisely all of the reasons why we decided this was the best Super Bowl commercial of all time. 

What were your favorite commercials from this year’s Super Bowl? Share in the comments below.