“Encanto”: An Enchanting Evaluation

Disney’s “Encanto,” written by playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda who is known for his award winning pieces including “Hamilton,” “Bring it On: The Musical,” “In the Heights,” and many other hits, premiered in theaters and is rising in popularity. Directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush, this animated film was created with the help of Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation Studios. Howard and Bush’s production tells a story about La Familia Madrigal, a family blessed with a candle during one of their town’s worst hardships. The magic of this candle bestows a gift/special power on each of the children of La Familia Madrigal when they turn five except for the protagonist, Mirabel. This heart wrenching movie helps depict the not-always friendly encounters between siblings and the love that defines what a family is. 

Set in Colombia, Disney’s “Encanto,” features a soundtrack of songs in both Spanish and English that ultimately capture and demonstrate a beautiful culture. Not only are the characters’ costumes vibrant, so are the characters’ personalities. 

However, while “Encanto” is a great movie, it felt like it lacked a piece of its plot. The movie was predictable due to its lack of plot twists. Instead of going on a lengthy journey to find their answer, the characters solved their problem through conversation and understanding, which, while being one of the key lessons that the film seemed to want to get across, lacked the entertaining factor that I was looking for. Although this deficiency in plot twists is confusing in the sense of many other movies containing a plethora of information and constant unexpected twists, “Encanto” is a family-friendly movie and is a fun musical piece to watch to unwind.

The songs held a steady, yet rhythmic and catchy beat; they capture the emotions of the scene at hand and enforce a whirlwind of emotions onto the audience. The smaller details, like the costumes worn by the characters, are equally beautiful. Each of them don an elaborate piece of clothing inspired by Colombian culture and the given character’s personality. For example, Maribel wears a beautiful white shirt and blue skirt with colorful embroidered flowers and butterflies, along with an intricate cloth satchel. It is evident that an abundance of thought went into each little detail of the movie. Maribel’s bright, embroidered outfit is a reflection of her energetic and loving personality. 

Despite some minor disappointments, Miranda continues to produce appealing pieces with his undeniable music and storytelling abilities and is expected to continue to do so. With its catchy songs and charming details, “Encanto” is a great movie, friendly to anyone of any age.



“Encanto” trailer: https://movies.disney.com/encanto

Activity Booklet: https://movies.disney.com/encanto